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Sarvàn Teater is an international project in theatre pedagogy and it organises theatre laboratories and workshops for adults, teens and children, as well as training sessions for actors, dancers and performers, and short theatre workshops aimed at exploring specific topics.

The activities proposed by Sarvàn Teater take inspiration from the European tradition of the Third Theatre, rooted in the work and teachings of theatre pedagogues such as Vsevolod Mejerchol’d, Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba. This tradition attributes a central role to the creative research process and views theatre as a practice in constant interaction and mutual exchange with society and its cultural customs.

Sarvàn Teater currently operates at several venues across Western Switzerland (Genéve - Lausanne) and North-Western Italy (Lombardia). Among its commitments (see Manifesto), are those of bulding bridges across these communities through theatre and of bringing theatre laboratories and workshops in the mountain regions at the border of the two countries (Valais - Valle d'Aosta - Piemonte).


In the long run, Sarvàn Teater aims to form a stable working group of actors to create performances.

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