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The activities and training offered by Sarvàn Teater constantly place participants in front of limits and challenges that work as engines for learning and creation.


Regardless of the degree of experience, the approach of Sarvàn Teater appeals to our inner desire to play to reawaken the instincts and potentialities of the body that our sedentary lifestyles leave dormant. This has the purpose of liberating first, and ultimately controlling, those creative forces that daily life does not give space to explore.


However, this pedagogy cannot be separated from an ethics that values ​​self-discipline, respect and seriousness of work, punctuality and commitment.

Sarvàn Teater offers theatre laboratories for children, teenagers and adults; training sessions for actors of all levels of experience; thematic workshops in schools, museums and universities, usually in the context of its theatre-science project.

If you want to organise a workshop or laboratory, or you are interested in any of the activities, do not hesitate to contact us!

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