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Sarvàn Teater does not distinguish between amateurs and professionals. Anyone wishing to participate in the laboratories and workshops can do so. What is required is a sincere desire to get involved in the work and a full commitment to the activities. Each workshop or laboratory is based on the following elements:

Continuous research: the theatre laboratory is a space dedicated mainly to the search for oneself and for reality by experiencing conditions of "extra-daily" life, from a physical, emotional and intellectual point of view. Through training, improvisation and creation actors can access a sort of condensed life, more concentrated than everyday reality, in a magical space-time within which they can experience their own reactions to an enormous amount of different stimuli. Sarvàn Teater invites participants to find inspiration in themes that are close to their heart and encourages them to seek ideas for creative work in all cultural fields, from traditional mythologies to figurative arts, from sciences to popular musical traditions.

Physical training: has the primary purpose of 'freeing' the actor's body from its daily automatisms by getting to know and overcoming one's own physical and vocal limits. This, in turn, unlocks the emotional and imaginative potential. By using the most diverse tools, from acrobatics with sticks and balls to childhood action games, the training proposed by Sarvàn Teater serves to train the fundamentals of theatre: the relationship with space; the balance, reactivity and flexibility of the body essential to its creative use; attention and listening; rhythm and coordination.

Connection between training and creation: training is not just necessary to develop the basic acting skills. Through extremely concrete tasks, such as finding three actions that involve at least two different joints, or finding five different ways to use a cane, or even saying a poem by heart during a series of physical and rhythmic activities to listen to the changes in one's voice, the actor can find countless ways to build a physical, vocal, or rhythmic score. These scores can be then explored through variations and based on one's own imaginative associations or on a starting theme. During this exploration the actor learns to translate personal inner images into physical actions and to specify their metaphorical and symbolic meaning, working with concrete expressive principles such as rhythms, physical imbalances and oppositions between various parts of the body, expansion or reduction of actions, analogical shifts.


Michele Luchetti is a theatre practitioner and teacher, as well as an academic researcher. He started his theatre training in various schools in Milan, and he participated in workshops and laboratories with several actors and directors. During his doctoral studies, he became interested in theatre pedagogy and in the tradition of Third Theatre. Since 2018, he has been training at Odin Teatret/Nordisk TeaterLaboratorium in Holstebro (Denmark), at the International School of Theatre Biomechanics in Perugia (Italy), and at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw (Poland). In 2021, Michele completed his training in theatre pedagogy and founded Sarvàn Teater to offer theatre laboratories, training sessions for the actor and thematic theatre workshops. During an artistic residence at the Grotowski Institute in 2022, he created a solo performance inspired by his research activities. He works mainly in French-speaking Switzerland and in northern Italy.

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